No matter the industry. No matter the issue. We have the solution. In our 12+ years of merchant processing experience, we’ve provided solutions for every business type.

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Table service or counter service. Integrated Point of Sale or Countertop terminals. Online ordering, gift cards, multiple locations, server IDs, and tip adjustments. These are just some of the elements that need to be addressed with your merchant service provider, or else, you could end up with a processor that cannot provide the service you need. Sekure’s payment professionals are your personal specialists who mitigate smooth on boarding processes and deliver a comprehensive turnkey solution for your business.

“Highly recommend! Sekure gave me personal attention and resolved my problem with ease. I don’t feel like one of many accounts, I felt important and very well taken care of.”

— Cindy, Sunset Cafe and Beach Bar, Florida

RETAIL, GROCERY & WHOLESALE business credit card processing
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Retail, Grocery & Wholesale

A business risk profile plays a large role in determining your payment processing costs. Similar to insurance companies, merchant service companies assess your processing history, credit score, years in business, and future service liability to help determine their overall pricing. If you meet the proper qualifications, we will make sure your processor does not bundle you with these other higher risk merchants, and see that you get the rates and service you deserve.

“I want to thank Sekure for being so helpful with me and my business this past week. I own a small business so I don’t always know how things work, and Sekure has been super great about walking me through it.”

— Sandy, Orange Book, North Carolina

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Online merchants are faced with a lot of questions, regulations, and requirements when it comes to processing credit cards. There are PCI regulations, card-brand requirements for refund and shipping policies, chargeback complications, and shopping cart integration issues. Processors won’t guide you through this complex maze. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure your processor has the tools and expertise to manage your payments, as well as guide you through compliance and requirements specifications.

“Sekure not only solved an immediate problem, but caught a few extra concerns by digging more deeply into the issue and discovering some glitches which they worked diligently to address.”

— Dianne, The Neighborhood News, California

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Medical professionals, Contractors, and other specialized services are unique in that they often require different types of payment solutions than retail stores. These solutions can effect device integration, accounting software, mobile payments, recurring billing, and stored card information. Unfortunately, individual agents rarely understand the unique needs of these services. Our expertise puts us in a position to work together with your processor, your vendors, and your business to provide a full turnkey solution without the added frustration.

“Sekure gets 5 stars from me. After 31 years of business, I’m really cautious of marketing techniques. But Sekure helped me get through the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime. I call them the “no problem” people.”

— Donna, D&D Signs, Michigan

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Hotels have their hands full with managing staff, improving branding, planning events, and ensuring the overall wellbeing of their guests. There is little time left to keep up with the rapid technology changes, especially when it comes to merchant processing. Our experience dealing with hotels makes us the ideal partner for companies who want to upgrade their processing technology, receive proper customer service, and get overall lower rates for their processors.

“I cannot say enough about how amazing the Customer Service is with this company! They are attentive to whatever we need, quickly respond, and seem to always have an upbeat, positive attitude.”

— Nancy, Duxbery Dental, Massachussetts