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Your payment processing POS should speed you up, not slow you down. Sekure makes leasing fees and equipment issues a thing of the past.

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Diana S. - Rockbridge Music

I have been very pleased with this processor, and the time they have taken to help me when I have questions. Their rates are competitive, and they are not “sneaky” like the company I had before them. I’ve done business with them for almost five years now.

Diana Schofield
Rockbridge Music

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You’re not stuck with Ingenico

With Payanywhere, you can create and manage inventory, accept online payments, order hardware and supplies, and manage your employees – all with no leasing, rental costs, or shipping fees! Whether it’s a credit card reader, tap-and-pay terminal, or contactless point of sale. It’s free and lightning-fast.Whether it’s a credit card reader, tap-and-pay terminal, or contactless POS — with Sekure, it’s free, lightning-fast, and won’t cause your business downtime.

PCI | EMV | Apple Pay | Tap and Pay | Magstripe | PIN debit

Payanywhere Smart Equipment Sekure

Power your business with every transaction

Managing a business goes beyond getting paid. Use your transaction data to make smarter decisions that save you time and money every single day.

  • Take payments anywhere, anytime
  • Scan barcodes and track stock
  • Manage employee hours and schedules
  • Easy integration with Quickbooks
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How does Ingenico compare?

If you need your terminal to do more than ring up purchases and spit out receipts, a Payanywhere Smart Terminal is what you’re looking for.

Goodbye leases, rentals, and shipping fees! Set-up and Save in 48 Hours, risk-free.
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Ingenico Move/5000 Payanywhere Smart Terminal
Accept payments by magstripe and EMV chip card Green checkmark icon Green checkmark icon
Complete NFC contactless and RFID transactions Green checkmark icon Green checkmark icon
Display size Green checkmark icon Gray X icon
Track and unify online and offline customer experiences Green checkmark icon Gray X icon
Send invoices and set up recurring payments Green checkmark icon Gray X icon
24/7 customer service and technical support Green checkmark icon Gray X icon
Update and customize settings quickly and easily Green checkmark icon Gray X icon
Easy Quickbooks integration Green checkmark icon Gray X icon

We’re redefining payment processing, but don’t just take our word for it

When you work with Sekure, your personal, ETA-certified Payment Expert is just a live chat, phone call, or email away. They will always be there for you and have your best interests in mind.


That’s exactly why we have the best reviews in the merchant processing industry and why customer referrals account for over 30% of Sekure’s business.

Sekure - Best Customer Support

It’s time to rethink your payment processing solution

We’re in it for the long term. We’ll make sure you have all the tools you need to make your business a success, including:

  • FREE mobile, contactless Smart equipment
  • FREE and painless PCI compliance with breach forgiveness up to $100k
  • FREE same-day or next-day funding
  • FREE virtual terminal for phone orders and email invoicing
  • The lowest rates, with the option to save up to 100% of your processing costs
  • Seamless ecommerce & Quickbooks integrations


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