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Diana S. - Rockbridge Music

I have been very pleased with Sekure, and the time they have taken to help me when I have questions. Their rates are competitive, and they are not “sneaky” like the terrible company I had before them. I’ve done business with them for almost 5 years now.

Diana Schofield
Rockbridge Music

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With Payanywhere, you can create and manage inventory, accept online payments, order hardware and supplies, and manage your employees – all with no leasing, rental costs, or shipping fees! Whether it’s a credit card reader, tap-and-pay terminal, or contactless point of sale, it’s free and lightning-fast.

Smart Terminal

Smart Terminal

  • 5” HD touchscreen with Android software
  • 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Front and back cameras for barcode scanning
  • Built-in receipt printer

Value of $349.95 – now FREE!

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Smart POS+

Smart POS+

  • 12.5” HD touchscreen
  • 4.3” customer-facing touchscreen
  • Port for cash drawer
  • Emergency backup battery

Value of $949.95 – now FREE!

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