Don’t let early termination fees hold you back from better processing

Sekure makes it easy for merchants to make the smart move to lower rates and better service without fear of reprisal.

  • We pay standard early termination fees
  • We buy back your outdated POS equipment
  • We give you free contactless Smart equipment
  • We offer you lower rates, guaranteed!

Free yourself from early termination fees

We’ll deal with your current processor, so you don’t have to. Submit your statement to find out how much we can help you save in addition to waiving your cancellation fees.

Early termination fees

Early termination fees? No problem

We’re dedicated to supporting our new merchants every step of the way. We’ll help you free yourself of those pesky early termination fees by paying up to 100% of them!

We facilitate the cancellation with your current processor and reimburse standard cancellation fees.

Next-gen Smart Equipment

Hello, next-gen smart equipment

We buy back and recycle your dusty old devices, then provide free, contactless smart equipment.

No leasing, rental, or shipping costs to worry about. We even cover your POS switch fees! No cost, no downtime.

Better rates guaranteed

Better rates, guaranteed

We analyze 3000+ merchant statements each month, allowing us to negotiate very close to cost rates.

We’ll analyze your current setup, uncover any unjust charges and make you a (much) better offer, complete with a Rate Sekurity Guarantee®.

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