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As a merchant, you know payment processing fees take a toll on the bottom line. But finding ways to reduce processing costs isn’t easy, especially with endless options and confusing industry jargon.

That’s why our Payment Experts give you simple advice and tailored support. Plus they’ll even analyze your statements for free. The result?

  • Better rates
  • Best-in-class equipment
  • Fewer headaches

Get a free statement analysis from our experts today and start saving on credit card fees.

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As Payment Experts, we specialize in finding the best rates for your business. When you upload a statement, we’ll return in 24 hours with:

  • A custom analysis tailored to your unique needs
  • Clear, transparent pricing structures with lower transaction fees
  • No need to negotiate — we’ll do it for you

Plus, you have our Rate Sekurity Guarantee® so you’ll always get the best possible deal. Just ask As Good As It Gets Cafe. With Sekure, the business saves 20-25% on payment processing fees.

How much could you save? Find out and start your free statement review and fee analysis today.

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Equipment you need with no extra costs

One-size-fits-all equipment bundles don’t take your needs into account — but at Sekure, we do. Our Payment Experts learn your business inside and out, allowing us to match you with cost-effective payment solutions, such as:

Our exclusive partnerships allow us to connect you with the best vendors available. That way, you gain premium equipment at the most affordable price.

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We lower transaction fees while you focus on business

With Sekure, you get a dedicated Payment Expert who will guide you through the ins and outs of merchant services, equipment and credit card processing fees.

Have a question? We have answers. Troubleshooting an issue? No problem. Whatever the need, you can rely on us to provide simple, straightforward support.

Because It’s business. And it’s personal.™ That’s why over 35,000 merchants trust us to manage their payment processing and merchant solutions.

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