Virtual Terminals

Accepting payments has never been easier. Sekure the right credit card processing solution for your online business needs.

Process payments online with a virtual terminal solution

Virtual terminals allow merchants to accept credit card payments when customers aren’t present, but choosing the wrong solution can lead to unnecessary headaches.

The good news? Our Payment Experts can help you find a solution that’s easy to use, provides real-time reporting and has key features like card information storage, recurring billing, email invoice payments, and more.

Plus, we’ll get you set up in no time and get you the best possible processing rates to match.

Why Sekure?

Payment processing involves working with multiple partners simultaneously. They don’t always get along, which means it’s up to you to find solutions. Not only is this difficult and time-consuming, it’s also bad for business.

Our Payment Experts take this burden off your shoulders, providing you with:

  • Fewer fees and frustrations
  • Better rates and pricing
  • Leading hardware and software solutions
  • Ongoing and unbiased customer service

Protect your bottom line from unnecessary costs

Say goodbye to costly equipment leases and rentals. In most cases, we ensure you get hardware free of charge. And, to maximize your cost savings, our Payment Experts make sure you receive the best possible processing fees for your online payment solution.

Lower your fees today
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Process payments while we do the rest

At Sekure, customer service comes first. We’re not just a solutions provider — we’re your go-to payment partner. With our Payment Experts, you get to focus on what you do best, knowing our team has your virtual terminal processing needs covered.

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What our customers are saying

Our customers are our best advocates. Check out our reviews and see for yourself.

“I had all the wrong equipment for my bed and breakfast, and my representative took time to explain why upgrading would save me money in the long term. They really cared about my needs and the success of my business.”

Chantal, Basecamp B&B

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