How much did you spend on processing last year? Take control and put thousands back in your pocket.

The Edge allows you to put your money back into your business, where it belongs.

Saving credit card processing fees is as easy as 1, 2, 3

The Edge is a more efficient way to process credit card transactions, giving you the power you need to protect your business from rising merchant processing rates. By implementing the Edge, you keep more of your credit card transactions, curbing those expensive processing costs that dig into your bottom line every month. The best part? It’s easy to make the switch.

Step 1. Put up your discount notices and inform customers.

We provide signage to inform customers they have a choice of how to pay: one price for cash, one price for credit.

Step 2. Accept Payments as usual.

Your customers choose to pay by cash, tap, or swipe. They can tip as usual and complete their purchase by credit card.

Step 3. Save Money.

The POS device automatically calculates the charged amount based on the payment method, simplifying receipts for you
and your customers.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Edge program?

Is the Edge a cash discount program?

How much money could I save?

What about my customers?

Does the Edge program comply with credit card brands’ rules about surcharging?

Let’s compare the Edge to traditional processing

Your customer brings a $10 item to your payment counter and wants to pay with credit. With the ” Traditional” credit card transaction, you, the merchant, will pay 1.5% – 3.99% in processing fees to the credit card company. This means you will probably only make around $9.60.

With the Edge, on credit card transactions, a 4% customer fee is charged to the customer per item and clearly added to the receipt. That means the fee was passed on to the customer, and you receive the full $10.

Your posted signage explains the program to your customers, and they have the freedom to choose whether they pay with cash or credit. If they choose to pay with cash next time, they will only pay $10. Either way, you still make $10.

Whether your customer pays by cash or credit card, with the Edge program, your revenue will always be $10.

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Our savings calculator shows how much you can save, based on your unique situation.

Sekure is not a credit card processor. This gives our payment experts the freedom and flexibility to work with you to not only make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. But they also ensure you have the right point-of-sale hardware and software.

Laura Hamilton, Owner of Laura's flower shop

"The Rate Sekurity Guarantee ™ meant I wasn't getting taken advantage of anymore. I was getting the lowest rate for what’s best for my business. I never have to worry about hidden fees again.”

Laura Hamilton,

Owner of Laura's flower shop

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