Credit card fees can add up. From restaurants and retail stores to healthcare and professional service businesses, we help merchants of different industries save on fees by getting them the best possible credit card processing rates. Representing thousands of merchants each month, Sekure puts you in a unique position to take advantage of exclusive rates and other benefits only available through our partnerships.

Your search for better rates ends here

Running an efficient business means finding ways to save on processing fees.

We are not credit card processors. This gives us the freedom to offer unbiased advice and ensure you always have the right deal, with the perfect payment solution, now and forever.

  • We’ll analyze your credit card statement to determine what you need and what you don’t.
  • No need to negotiate. We’ll do it on your behalf.
  • Clear, transparent pricing with flexibility. You choose the plan that’s best for you.
  • Our Rate Sekurity Guarantee is our pledge that you’re always getting the best possible deal.
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Our savings calculator shows how much you can save, based on your unique situation

Our Payment Experts develop a plan that fits your specific business goals.

At Sekure, we know better than to rely on one-size-fits-all credit card processing fee structures or point-of-sale system bundles.

Instead, our Payment Experts analyze every possible option available and craft a solution in tune with your unique needs.

Our payment experts develop a plan customized to your business.

Our Payment Experts customized pricing to meet your business goals with no locked-in contract or strange fees.

Save money with transparent processing rates when accepting credit and debit card payments.

Save 100% on your payment processing fees with Sekure’s Edge program.

Receive a simplified flat rate pricing structure with consolidated pricing that suits your needs.

Sekure is not a credit card processor. This gives our payment experts the freedom and flexibility to work with you to not only make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. But they also ensure you have the right point of sale hardware and software.

Laura Hamilton, Owner of Laura's flower shop

"The Rate Sekurity Guarantee ™ meant I wasn't getting taken advantage of anymore. I was getting the lowest rate for what’s best for my business. I never have to worry about hidden fees again.”

Laura Hamilton,

Owner of Laura's flower shop

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