Sekure is not a credit card processor

This gives our Payment Experts the freedom and flexibility to make sure you’re getting the best possible payment solution. We work with you to customize POS hardware and payment processing software to suit your specific point-of-sale needs.
Our Payments Experts passionately support you and proactively seek out the best solutions for your business.

Meet your team of payment experts

Meet your team of Payment Experts

Sekure’s Payment Experts are continuously improving their professional knowledge and expertise in the areas most important to the merchants they support. All of our experts are ETA Certified Payment Professionals (ETA CPP). Merchants receive peace of mind knowing that they are being supported by Sekure’s team of Payment Experts who will provide accurate, up-to-date information for every query or concern.

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We offer POS solutions for your business that make onboarding new employees quick and easy.


Contact Center Agent

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A smart POS system means much more than a fast or reliable way to help your business. It’s responsible for effective communication between all departments.


Custom Solutions Expert

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I’ve helped owners ditch their outdated POS systems for new powerful tools. Now they can schedule appointments, house client data, and track inventory all in one place!


Merchant Onboarding Expert

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It makes me proud to support in any way that I can. Helping merchants save money on their POS solutions is truly a passion of mine.


Payment Expert

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Rate Sekurity Guarantee®

Sekure is not a credit card processor. This gives our payment experts the freedom and flexibility to work with you to not only make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. But they also ensure you have the right point of sale hardware and software.

Laura Hamilton, Owner of Laura's flower shop

"The Rate Sekurity Guarantee® meant I wasn't getting taken advantage of anymore. I was getting the lowest rate for what’s best for my business. I never have to worry about hidden fees again.”

Laura Hamilton,

Owner of Laura's flower shop

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