How Palma Sola Therapies saved hundreds on credit card fees with Sekure

  • 12% Business growth
  • $175 Saved on processing fees
  • Hassle-free transaction management
  • 12% Business growth
    $175 Saved on processing fees
    Hassle-free transaction management

    Palma Sola Therapies: Helping people heal with the power of wellness

    As a registered nurse, Karol Schuyler has been in the healthcare industry for over 40 years. She worked in cardiac surgery, intensive care and emergency medical for the first 20. One day, tired after a night shift, she booked a massage — and with that, her journey into functional health had begun. 

    Karol soon enrolled in medical massage school. Later, she started teaching classes herself, and before long, she was building her own practice. Today, she’s the proud owner of Palma Sola Therapies, a comprehensive wellness center in Bradenton, Florida. 

    "We offer everything from acupuncture, medical massage, lymphatic massage — every kind of discipline you can imagine," Karol says. "It's kind of the whole gamut."

    Indeed, she’s always looking for new ways to help people heal. In fact, she’s in school to become a naturopathic physician. 

    "I'm always learning, I'm always researching," Karol explains. "It's not so much about what's behind my name as it is to help individuals. And the more you learn, the more you can help people."

    Payment pitfalls:

    24-7 support heart

    Poor merchant support

    Card processing

    High processing rates

    Cash register

    Outdated equipment

    No payment

    No card reader

    Taking the pain out of payment processing

    Like any merchant, Karol wanted payment processing to be a pain-free experience — but at times, it was more of a headache.

    At first, Palma Sola didn't accept credit or debit cards at all. "For many years, it was cash and check only. But as we grew, we started bundling different types of wellness packages", explains Anne Dee, the company’s Office Coordinator. "It was more likely for someone to spend $1,500 on their package if they had a way to charge it."

    Being new to payment processing, Karol and Anne chose the first solution recommended by the bank. However, this vendor’s customer support was lacking, and they switched providers.

    This lasted until cards started using embedded microchips. Realizing it was time to upgrade, they started looking for a new POS system with a modern credit card reader to match.

    Sekure is an incredible company to work with. We’ve had no issues whatsoever. Great customer service, great equipment, great software – and the rates are good, too. They beat out everybody else.

    Karol Schuyler, Palma Sola Therapies

    Credit card processing made simple: Why Palma Sola picked Sekure

    When Anne started vetting new solutions, she was impressed by how clearly Sekure explained the complexities of payment processing — and more importantly, how Palma Sola could save money through interchange plus pricing. After a fast and simple setup, they were off to the races with a new POS system and credit card reader.

    “I’ve never had any problems,” Anne says. “Everything has been really easy to use. I don’t have to wait on anything, and our bookkeeper loves it.”

    The new setup also makes it easier to manage gift certificates. Customers often call Palma Sola from out of state wanting to buy gift cards for friends and family. Instead of working through a third party or manually writing and sending it through the mail, they can simply send it online. Plus, the certificate is already in the system and ready for use.

    Best of all? They’re getting the best processing rates available. 

    “We'll usually entertain one vendor a year to see if they can beat Sekure,” Anne said. "And they can't do it."

    Why Sekure?

    • Ease of use
    • User-friendly reporting
    • Dedicated support
    • Transparent pricing
    • Exclusive rates

    Better support, better service: Hassle-free transaction management

    One day, a therapist rang up a customer. The only problem? They accidentally overcharged them — but fortunately, resolving the issue was easy.

    “All I did was open up my account online, I found the charge, and fixed the mistake,” Anne says. "It was that simple to stop — no authorization or refund necessary. I could immediately send the receipt by email and tell the customer we were sorry for the error." 

    She didn’t need any help that time, but if she did, Anne knows there’s always a Payment Expert ready to walk them through the next steps. “With a system that runs so flawlessly, you often don’t even need customer support,” she adds. 

    And, thanks to their new card reader, Palma Sola can accept all kinds of different payment methods. With more customers using digital wallets like Apple Pay, they can offer an easier, faster checkout experience. According to Karol, this is especially important with so many distractions happening in the background. Not only does their new system allow them to multitask, but they can do so without sacrificing customer service.

    How much could you save? Find out with a free statement analysis

    The easy way to Sekure cost savings

    After joining Sekure, Karol noticed a tangible business impact. With better rates, she’s saving about $175 every month on processing fees. That’s $2,100 per year — the equivalent of about 18 massage sessions. As Anne says, the credit card reader paid for itself. 

    "Sekure is an incredible company to work with," she says. "We've had no issues whatsoever. Great customer service, great equipment, great software — and the rates are good, too. They beat out everybody else."

    After growing 12% over the past year, Karol’s looking forward to the future for Palma Sola Therapies. With expansion on the horizon, she’s taking functional health and wellness to new heights. As for Sekure? We’ll be in her corner every step of the way.

    The bottom line:



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    Fast time

    Faster service

    Lower rates

    Lower rates

    Happy Costumers

    Happier customers

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    12% Business growth
    $175 Saved on processing fees
    Hassle-free transaction management

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