How Samos Investigations saves 4% on credit card fees with the Edge program

  • Saved 4% on monthly processing fee
  • 10+ years of partnership
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Saved 4% on monthly processing fee
    10+ years of partnership
    Dedicated customer support

    Samos Investigations, LLC: Digging for truth and catching bad guys

    Alex Soutos has an eye for the overlooked. As the sole proprietor of Samos Investigations, LLC — a Pennsylvania-based investigative agency — it’s a skill he’s honed over many years of experience.

    The journey began in December 1983, when Alex worked as a police officer in New Orleans. "I always took an interest in investigations," he said. "I like to investigate the unknown and catch the bad guys."

    After a few years of service, Alex switched gears. He began working for insurance companies, like Nationwide and Progressive, investigating car thefts and other claims. Occasionally, he'd take on private clients, investigating domestic matters in his spare time. Eventually, he decided to "run his own show," and opened Samos in 2010.

    Ever since, he's helped insurers, attorneys and law firms uncover facts, locate witnesses, and gather evidence. "You need a disinterested third party,” he said. “And that's what we're here for — to give you the full report.”

    Sekure from the start: Payment processing the easy way

    When Samos Investigations began, Alex knew he’d need a way to accept credit card payments. But, what he didn’t know was how to get started. Fortunately, he quickly discovered Sekure Payment Experts.

    Alex has partnered with Sekure for as long as he can remember. He signed up after receiving an initial call, and soon his payment processing system was up and running.

    For Alex, the support he received was a tremendous help.

    "It was a smooth process. If I ever had any issues, they were Johnny-on-the-spot, taking care of it," he explained.

    Why Sekure

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    On-demand human support

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    No chatbots or redirects

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    Simple pricing structures

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    User-friendly systems

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    Faster payments

    I’m very happy with Sekure and what they’ve done for me. I need to be able to talk to somebody if something goes wrong, and they’re always there.

    Alex Soutos, Samos Investigations, LLC

    A simple approach to savings: How Samos joined the Edge

    Navigating expenses can be overwhelming when you’re unfamiliar with processing fees or uncomfortable with computers. Fortunately, as Alex explained, he knows Sekure is always watching his account and looking for ways he can save. In fact, that’s exactly what happened when he switched to the Edge program.

    "I got a call a few years ago," he said. "Somebody suggested, instead of you paying the fee, just pass it on to your clients and have them pay it." So, that’s what he did — and ever since he’s been saving 3-4% on monthly credit card fees.

    As a sole proprietor, running Samos is typically a one-man show. But, with Sekure’s expert advice, and thanks to the Edge program, he’s learned how to lower his costs.

    The Edge program is five stars for me. Having been with Sekure for years, that’s big savings. And as a sole proprietor, it’s a big deal.

    Alex Soutos, Samos Investigations, LLC

    Expert support, whenever you need it

    Alex describes himself as a “big customer-service type of guy.” He appreciates companies that make an effort to support merchants when they need assistance, and it’s a key reason he’s so happy with Sekure.

    "I’m easily able to process payments,” Alex said. “And if I get stuck, I call Sekure, and there's always somebody right there to help me."

    Emphasis on the word “somebody.” As Alex explained, he doesn’t want to go through chatbots or wait days to solve a problem. He’d much rather talk to a real person over the phone who can help right away — and in his line of work, timeliness is important.

    "I'm old school. I prefer to talk to somebody who can explain what's going on," he added. And ultimately, Sekure not only gets him answers quickly, but it makes the payment process easier for his customers.

    "It's a safe, secure service, and I get my money within a day or two," he said. "So, I'm happy."

    How much could you save? Find out with a free statement analysis

    Spend less, save more with Sekure

    spend less, save more with Sekure
    spend less, save more with Sekure

    Every dollar counts when you’re a business owner. No matter the size of your average transactions, even just 4% saved on processing fees can add up to a big total in the long run.

    Ready to boost your business?

    Stop overpaying for costly transactions. With Sekure, you’ll find better equipment, better rates and better support — all in one place.

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    Saved 4% on monthly processing fee
    10+ years of partnership
    Dedicated customer support

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