At Sekure Merchants, your success is our success; your health is our health. As COVID-19 changes routines for all of us, one thing remains certain – Sekure will always be here for you when you need us most.

During these difficult times, we’re doing everything we can to help you stay open and #StaySekure. Our teams are safe and working hard to help you get through this. This page outlines just some of the resources we’ve gathered to help your business adapt and stay running strong.


Things are changing quickly, and with those changes come necessary adaptations to your business. We’re committed to helping you transition as painlessly as possible. Our goal is to provide flexible, helpful and creative to solutions that will see you through to better times. You’ll find some of these below, but please reach out to discuss your situation with one of our payment professionals. We can tailor our services to your specific needs.

We are on standby to help you with these solutions via Live Chat or phone at (866) 710-7384.

In the interest of limiting physical contact and therefore the spread of COVID-19, we will ship a 3-in-1 Card Reader, Smart Terminal, Smart Flex or Smart POS to your business right away – with no leasing, rental or shipping fees.

Mobile devices are perfect for curbside pickup or delivery. Customers can tap to pay with NFC contactless payments, eliminating the need to physically touch the terminal or reader. The smooth glass and acrylic surfaces are easy to disinfect and keep clean.

You can learn more here.

Saving money during this difficult time is more important than ever. We can help you set up an innovative new program called The Edge so you keep more on your credit card transactions, curbing expensive processing costs and giving you the power to protect your business from rising merchant processing rates.

We’ll provide you with signage that tells customers they have a choice of how to pay. Then, when they tap, swipe, or dip as usual to complete their purchase, our Smart Terminals automatically calculate the charged amount based on the method of payment, simplifying receipts for you and your customers.

It’s a simple way to save your business a significant amount every month.

You can learn more here.

We’re working hard for our merchants to set up online solutions that are ideal for card-not-present transactions via virtual terminals and email invoicing. In fact, you may already have access to these benefits and not know it.

Virtual terminals allow you to take orders online or over the phone and process payments anywhere you have an internet connection, including your smartphone, tablet or computer. Merchants can also invoice their customers directly by email, so you can get paid directly without the need of a shopping cart or website.

You’ll be able to key in and get approval for transactions before the order is even started, eliminating surprise declines. And you can store your customers’ information to actively reach out to them now and when business picks up again.

You can learn more here.

If you’re looking for a more robust e-commerce solution, we can help you there, too. Researching and selecting a payment gateway can be a difficult task. Setting it up correctly can take hours. We’ll guide you through selecting the right shopping cart and the best gateway for your needs. Then we’ll handle the setup.

We have also established a special Authorize.net offer for our customers. We can help you set up your account and get top-of-the-line security at a fraction of the cost.

You can learn more here.

Sekure wants to help you adapt to your customers’ preferences and restaurant’s needs. We’re therefore devoting our resources to helping you increase your mobile or virtual payment acceptance without the worry of shipping, leasing or rental fees. We’re working to help keep you and your customers healthy in any we can.

Mobile devices are perfect for curbside pickup or delivery. Customers can tap to pay with NFC contactless payments, eliminating the need to physically touch the terminal or reader. The smooth glass and acrylic surfaces are easy to disinfect and keep clean. We’re offering merchants a free 3-in-1 Reader, Smart Terminal, Smart Flex or Smart POS at no charge.

Virtual Terminals are ideal for card-not-present transactions. You can process orders and accept payments over the phone or online, anywhere you have an internet connection. No website or shopping cart needed. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer, or one of our devices. Simply email your invoice to get paid in a click.

You can learn more about our free equipment offer here and virtual terminals here.

Selling Gift Cards right from your website is a great way to generate revenue while your customers are being asked to stay inside or your business is closed. If you already have a gift card program, we can help you make them available online or get the word out to customers. If you don’t already have a gift card program, we can help you get one setup quickly and affordably.

We can also help you set up Digital Gift Cards, which can be branded and emailed directly to the recipient or purchaser. These electronic cards are exactly the same as physical cards, except they produce zero waste and there’s no physical item for a virus to attach itself to. With digital gift cards, you don’t have to buy your cards upfront, there’s no minimum order of card stocks and no inventory to track. It’s literally pay as you sell.

For more information, LIVE CHAT or contact us here.

We’re in this together. We encourage you to reach out to our team members for help with any of the items above or if you have other questions about how we can help.

We’re Still Giving You the Best Customer Care

We’ve worked hard to receive the highest reviews in the payment processing industry. It’s no secret how we’ve achieved this – we have the best customer support team amongst our peers. That’s not about to change now.

You may contact us via Live Chat, which is the fastest and most convenient way to get answers to your questions. We’ve also built a new Merchant Resource Page which is being updated regularly to answer many common processing questions.

As always, our ETA CPP certified Customer Support team is available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm EST. We are also ready to help you via email or phone at 1 (866) 710-7384.

Sekure Remains Sekure

Rest assured that Sekure Merchant Solutions is well-positioned to continue providing the best rates, packages and support to our merchants throughout this situation. Our company infrastructure was built to mitigate disruptions such as this and we have comprehensive continuity plans in place. We’re dedicated to keeping the same hours and high quality of service we’ve always had to make sure we’re helping you through these difficult times.

We know that this situation is not easy, but we also know that life must and will go on. Rest assured that Sekure will continue to do everything we can to position your business for success.

We’re In This Together