How to get the best Merchant account rates


One of the biggest problem facing merchants accepting credit cards is fluctuating rates. Merchants often enter into agreements with credit card processing companies at established rates, only to find these rates “creeping up” anywhere from one to four times a year. These increases are rarely “red flagged” on the statements which, as a rule, are quite complicated and difficult for the average merchant to understand or review. As well, increases will come in different forms such as, an increase in basis points, transaction fees or monthly fees. As such, these increases look nominal but, in fact, they can have substantial impact on the merchant’s bottom line.

Sekure Merchant Services, a merchant services broker servicing merchants throughout the United States, connects credit card processors with merchants looking to save money on their processing rates. Sekure Merchant typically deals with a few hundred merchants per month, and often guarantees rates for 36 months, therefore addressing the above concerns and complaints merchants have with regular rate hikes. Establishing guaranteed, competitive processing rates, through statement reviews can save merchants substantial, bottom line dollars.

Merchants accessing processors through Sekure Merchant Services are offered additional services by the brokerage. An accounts manager is assigned to each merchant. After a complete rate review, the account manager completes the application process with the merchant, making sure that all required documents are submitted correctly. However, his / her responsibilities do not stop there. The accounts manager becomes the “go to” person for all issues relating to credit card processing. Up-grades, adjustments, repairs, billing inquiries etc. can all be addressed by the accounts manager. Removing this tedious responsibility from the merchant frees up valuable time and ensures that all processing related issues will be handled quickly and effectively.

Merchants who are referred to credit card processors by brokerages such as Sekure Merchant Services inevitably access competitive rates rarely available to agents with specific geographic territories and representing only one processor.  These commissioned based agents are encouraged to maximize their earnings by applying elevated rates. They also frequently lease and, or sell terminals at exorbitant rates. Merchant’s should never be obliged to pay for terminals in any way, and leasing is considered to be a scam. It is the responsibility of the processor to supply state-of-the-art equipment to their merchants, without exception.

The safest, most efficient and cost-effective way to access credit card processing is through a thorough statement review completed by a merchant service broker such as Sekure Merchant Services.

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