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 In the heart of Orlando, Florida, amidst the bustling farmer’s market circuit, Terry Stinfil's Pop-Up Açai has become a refreshing haven for health-conscious locals looking for a nice smoothie or bowl to beat the heat. What makes his açai unique? He uses açai that’s harvested right from the rainforest of Brazil and is 100% organic, sweetened with cane sugar.  

I like to tell the customers: ‘I pop in your life, and I pop right out.
So I believe it keeps people intrigued.’

Terry Stinfil
Owner, Pop-Up Açai

Two years ago, Terry stumbled on an opportunity when a friend mentioned he was looking for someone to take over his açai shop. Terry, fueled by a passion for health and wellness, seized the chance to start a great new venture to spice up farmer’s markets around Orlando. The only thing he needed? A payment solution that could keep up the growing needs of Pop-Up Açai. 

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The challenge

As the popularity of Pop-Up Açai grew, so did the challenges. Terry knew that the farmer's markets in Orlando would draw bustling crowds, and he needed a solution that would help him keep up with demand and serve customers quickly. Terry needed a payment solution that could match the pace of the busy markets, provide excellent support, and remain user-friendly. “I may have over 100-150 customers. So having 100-150 customers, you need something that's moving. You need something that's not breaking down on you because that could easily cause an issue,” explains Terry. 

With credit cards being such a big part of his transaction volume, Terry also needed a system that would help him save and get him the best deal on payment processing fees. Not only that, but Terry needed to make sure the payment solution he used would make sure he always got his funds on time to work efficiently. “Depending on the farmer's market that I'm at, 70% of my transactions consist of credit cards. And not getting that type of capital into your business in efficient time could hurt it,” explains Terry. 


The solution

Enter Sekure, a strategic partner that understood Pop-Up Açai's unique needs. Terry needed a solution that could serve customers quickly in the dynamic and busy environment of a farmer's market. Sekure provided a portable handheld card payment machine that ensured that he could keep lines short and keep serving, no matter how many customers he got.“It's just part of my hand. I set up the numbers for what I'm charging and the customer just taps it and on to the next customer, you know? So it's very nice and easy. I even have it if the line is long, I could just leave the line or leave the station just to just ring people and get their orders,” adds Terry. 

With Sekure, Terry can always count on getting his money on time, in just 2-3 business days with fast funding. “Using Sekure as my payment processor [partner] keeps me comfortable and safe, I like knowing that I'm working with the company that's going to take the value of the capital that I'm bringing in, the credit card transaction I'm bringing in and making sure that it gets deposit at a reasonable time within 2 to 3 business days,” explains Terry. 

It’s not just about getting the money, but also about saving more of those credit card fees. With Sekure's Edge program, Terry gets to keep more of what he earns, giving him a financial edge in the competitive market. According to Terry, "the advantages of working with Sekure as a payment processing partner is the fact that you could apply the fees towards the transaction.”

When a person uses my machine, that transaction fee that Sekure collects is coming from the customers, not from me.
So that helps with the profit margins when you're collecting hundreds of transactions.

Terry Stinfil
Owner, Pop-Up Açai

The fast-paced nature of business also means Terry needs customer support he can count on at the drop of a hat.  “I was starting to have credit card issues, and it was because of me, because I did something. I think I forgot my password. But when I had a customer in front of me, I contacted [Sekure], letting them know what was going on. They reset my password right there. I think everything was done within five or even 10 minutes.”


Looking towards the future with Sekure 

With the success of Pop-Up Açai, Terry has his sights set on expansion. Plans are in motion to open three more locations, and Sekure will continue to be the trusted payment processing partner, ensuring a seamless experience for both Pop-Up Açai and its growing customer base.

With Sekure, Pop-Up Açai has all of its small business credit card processing needs taken care of. In the world of pop-up shops, where adaptability is key, Terry Stinfil and Pop-Up Açai have found their secret ingredient for success with Sekure.

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Where to find Pop-Up Açai

If you're in Orlando, you can treat yourself to Pop-Up Açai's delightful offerings at the Windermere Farmers Market every Friday, the Winter Park Farmers Market every Saturday, and the Lake Eola Farmers Market or Waterford Lakes Center Lakes every Sunday.

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