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Managing inventory, training employees, interacting with customers, handling finances—a business owner wears many hats, and while that may be the price of doing business, it can be overwhelming. While there are some things only a business owner can handle, there are some tasks you can entrust to the right merchant solutions advocate. 

Choosing a POS, finding the right payment processor or finding ways to lower your credit card fees, are grueling, time consuming tasks that every business goes through. 

This is where Sekure can help.

With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of payment services, and a wide-range of POS partnerships, Sekure is your go-to partner for seamless, reliable, and efficient payment processing. 

If you’re looking for a new POS or you’re just hoping to save on credit card fees, here’s how Sekure can help. 

Sekure supports businesses across industries

Are you a hospitality business looking for the best restaurant POS to take your operations from good to great? Or a retailer constantly racking your brain looking for ways to lower your credit card fees? Or even a business in the professional services field, looking for ways to optimize your operations? No matter the business you’re in, we can help. 

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with Sekure, is our ability to cater to businesses across diverse industries. Whether you run a retail store, operate an eCommerce platform, or manage a restaurant, Sekure has tailored POS and payment solutions to meet your unique needs. Our team of payment service experts understands that each industry has its own set of challenges and requirements. By leveraging industry-specific knowledge, Sekure ensures that your payment processes are not just efficient but also aligned with the specific demands of your business.

From beauty salons and healthcare to restaurants and wholesale, our team of experts are equipped to find the best POS and payments solution no matter the industry you’re in. 

The world of payments is constantly changing. With new solutions and payment types popping up every day, it’s hard to keep up with the latest POS trends and customer behaviors. In an era where payment technologies are rapidly evolving, it's crucial to partner with a merchant solutions advocate who stays ahead of the curve.

Sekure’s Payment Experts pride themselves in their ability to stay abreast of the latest trends in the payment industry. From contactless payments and mobile wallets to emerging blockchain technologies, Sekure is at the forefront of innovation. By choosing Sekure, you can be confident that your business will benefit from the most advanced and secure payment solutions available. 

Get peace of mind and focus on what’s important

Running a business is tough enough, the last thing you need is the stress of managing complex payment processes and negotiating lower rates. You can count on Sekure to take the pain out of payment processing. As your dedicated merchant solutions advocate, Sekure works with payment processing partners to handle the intricacies of payments, fraud prevention, and compliance, allowing you to focus on what you do best—growing your business. 

Sekure is by far the best experience I have had in lowering my processing rates and they have exceptional customer service. They follow through every step of the way.

Robin Weir,
Robin’s Wild by Nature, Southport, NC

With Sekure by your side, you can trust that your payment systems are in expert hands, giving you the freedom to concentrate on strategic business initiatives. The best part? Our team of experts are passionate about finding customized processing solutions for your needs, and through our Rate Sekurity Guarantee®, we ensure you’re always paying the lowest possible credit card processing rates.

Whether you’re looking for the right eCommerce POS for your business, or just retail POS tips to get the most out of your platform, our experts are here to help. 

With our wide range of partnerships, you can trust Sekure to give you honest advice about rates and equipment. 

Benefits of working with a partner like Sekure

With Sekure, you not only get a partner you can count on for your merchant services, you get unparalleled customer support and an ally that always has your back. Check out some of the main benefits of choosing Sekure as your merchant solutions advocate. 

  • Professional advice: Our team offers specialized guidance customized to suit your business requirements. With a deep understanding of the POS market, they can suggest systems that best match your needs.
  • Streamlined selection: Rather than navigating through countless options independently, Sekure simplifies the selection process, making it more efficient.
  • Effective negotiation: Our team of Payment Experts has the ability to secure more favorable pricing and terms from POS providers and your payment processing, potentially helping you save on fees.
  • Top-notch customer service: In addition to assisting you in selecting a POS system, Sekure provides continuous support to ensure you’re happy with the new platform.

How customers use Sekure to save on credit card fees

One of the standout features of partnering with Sekure is the significant savings it offers on credit card fees. This unique advantage becomes evident when we look at the experiences of businesses like Eco Friendly Green DryMaster Carpet Cleaning and Pop-Up Açai.

Eco-Friendly-Green-DryMaster Merchant

Eco Friendly Green DryMaster Carpet Cleaning: A $3,300 Win

For Angel Pagan, the owner of Eco Friendly Green DryMaster Carpet Cleaning, the savings were substantial. Over 14 months, Angel processed approximately $91,000 in credit card charges. In a traditional payment processing scenario, credit card fees would have eaten away at about $3,300 of that amount.  “After using other competitors and even my own business account, Sekure’s process is a lot easier. The money comes quicker and doesn’t cost me anything, saving me thousands of dollars,” Angel said.

However, with Sekure's innovative model, designed to empower merchants and reduce credit card processing costs, Angel retained every dollar where it rightfully belonged — in his business.

Pop-Up Acai Merchant

Pop-Up Açai: Keeping more of what he makes

Terry Stinfil, the owner of Pop-Up Açai, also experienced the financial benefits of partnering with Sekure. With a swift funding process that ensures Terry receives his money within 2-3 business days, Sekure adds a layer of comfort and security to his business operations.

Moreover, Sekure’s Edge program gives Terry a competitive financial advantage. By allowing him to apply the fees towards the transaction, Terry retains more of his earnings. According to Terry, "the advantages of working with Sekure as a payment processing partner is the fact that you could apply the fees towards the transaction." This not only ensures timely deposits but also empowers Terry to maximize his profits and stay ahead in the competitive market.

Sekure is your ally for all things payments 

As a business, every transaction counts. This means that having a reliable and knowledgeable partner for your payment solutions is non-negotiable. Sekure goes beyond being a service provider; we’re here to make complex topics simple and to get you the best deal possible when it comes to payment processing. 

From supporting businesses across industries to staying ahead of the latest trends and providing unparalleled peace of mind, Sekure is the partner you can trust.

Talk to one of our Payment Experts to step up your point of sale and payment processing experience and unlock new possibilities for your business today.

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